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Andrew MacDonell, BDO New Zealand


“Fantastic product – so much so we have convinced all of BDO in NZ to adopt it! Seriously. For us, it’s about harnessing the conversation opportunity with our clients. This is exactly what CrunchBoards allows you to do. With the live updates from Xero, you are dealing with live data, not static dashboards.”

Cate Harrison, SBFO


“I am LOVING the product – I am able to achieve stuff simply that I have been working on for years THANK YOU”

Amanda Fisher


“For me, it’s simple. I want to give my clients the kind of service that they rave about. I’ve been in this game for over 30 years and I’ve worked with countless business owners (and I’m an accountant!) but that’s the point – I’ve never witnessed anything like this”

Andy Greener, Komodo Digital


“It would have been great to have had CrunchBoards at the start when I set up Komodo Digital. It’s the best forecasting tool we’ve used, it’s incredibly powerful and in contrast to working with spreadsheets there’s no comparison.

  • 10,000+Businesses are driving growth with CrunchBoards
  • 2744480Reports have been created
  • 201548Forecast lines have been created

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