Partner sales & marketing support

“I have been blessed with the charisma of a potato. The value of CrunchBoards is so obvious to clients, it sells itself. I love it”

Loud & Clear

Partner sales & marketing support

Too many accountants and bookkeepers beat themselves up because they “can’t sell”

We don’t believe it’s hard and we certainly don’t think it should feel like selling. So, panic over!

This isn’t selling. This is about being an advisor and telling the world that you have a competitive advantage over 80% of the market; you’re not a backwards looking, reactive accountant. You show clients the future and turn the lights on in their business. That’s worth shouting about…!

We’ll support you to become an advisory practice

Firstly, we don’t want you to sell our software. We want to help you provide a better service to your clients and increase the revenue you can generate from new and existing customers. This is so much more than software – we’ll help with your training, education and support you in telling clients all about how you can help them. With CrunchBoards in your firm, you just need to start the conversation. To help that conversation get started, we give you industry templates and a full KPI library of resources, so wowing is guaranteed!

But clients aren’t banging down my door for management accounts…

Have you shown them CrunchBoards yet?! As a client, we we’ve been there at year-end in the one meeting we are offered, and been bamboozled by accountant-speak…This does not happen when you’re a CrunchBoards partner. We are helping businesses and accountants all over the world to provide world-class service at scale.

Most clients simply don’t know what to ask for, because of what they have been used to. Some won’t even know what the term ‘management accounts’ means. We’ll help you communicate the value of CrunchBoards in a way that they can understand, from all angles. Because it will make a real difference to how they can run their business. Not to mention the difference to how you will run yours. Whether it is your next client meeting or a new client, how to use CrunchBoards to its maximum potential for you both is covered in your training.

Ultimately, it is about having a conversation and knowing the right questions to ask and how to keep it simple. 

To support this you need collateral for your firm. That’s where we go further and give you sales and marketing support.

What is included when you partner?

1. Best-practice Marketing Kit

This 16 page guide shows you how your firm can quickly and easily leverage CrunchBoards in your firms marketing promotions. It includes tips and content for social media, blog posts and your website, as well as layout ideas, industry templates and lots of images.

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3. An Account Manager that does more

If you’re a Silver, Gold or Platinum partner, we’ll support you with a full consultative strategy for your firm alongside the aforementioned marketing plans.

This is how our Partners genuinely become proactive advisors. At last you have an easy to execute action plan to prove how your firm sets itself apart, not just something that is talked about at the next Partner meeting.

Gold - Partner Logo - CrunchBoards


2. The Best Content

We don’t just email you a logo. We go a lot further than that! We’ll share what works including an example 5 part email marketing campaign to introduce CrunchBoards to your existing clients. Not only do you get the design for this, but the html, so that you can import it straight into Mailchimp or similar and the raw text file too if you are lucky enough to have an IT department! 

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Join the movement!

You’ve found the cloud. You’ve found us. Now it is time to take action. This isn’t just software, we help you increase your fees from your existing clients, attract new clients, retain staff, grow your business and grow your clients businesses. This is the future.

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