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Budget or forecast?

What is the difference between a budget and a forecast? CrunchBoards lets you create both, easily. (read more)

Create budgets based upon last year’s actuals

Every accounts transaction from last year can be converted into a new budget line in one-click. Seasonality fluctuations will get plotted automatically from your existing data. (read more)                                                                                                                                                                              

Why are we different to Xero or QBO’s budget?

We are often asked why new users of our reporting functionality should use CrunchBoards for their budgets instead of their accounts package. Here we explain why. (read more)                             

Easy import of existing budgets

You may have already built a budget, don’t worry, you can import it with our import template. And we go a step further, and let you turn it into a 3-way forecast at the same time, with GST/VAT too! (read more)

Actual v Budget

Simplify how you prepare budgets, and not a spreadsheet in sight. Our all-in-one engine, lets you track your budget against auto-updating actuals, daily. (read more)

Variance analysis

Are you sticking to your budget? Our variance analysis on your current performance versus your budget will give you the insights you need. (read more)

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“"When I’m sitting down with every client I ask them, "Would you rather 90% accurate information today, or 99% accurate information +14 days after EoM. Everyone in business says now please'” - Chris Hooper, Accodex

““It works seamlessly with cloud software, but we love importing financial and non-financial data for Crunching too!”” Phebys Accountants

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