Introducing our comprehensive KPI library

Every industry has KPIs that are unique to them, often combining financial and non-financial data. Our KPI library, gives you an unparalleled range of resources to help you get into the nitty gritty of what you should be tracking to give your business the best chance of growth.

And for our accounting partners, set yourself apart by helping your clients track the data that they have control over every day.

CrunchBoards KPI library

Expert Advice

We’ve put our experience of working with thousands of businesses into our KPI library. Inside you’ll find the KPIs we recommend you use, why they matter and how to build them with your client’s data.

Industry-Specific KPIs

We’ve hand-picked our KPIs by industry. With over fifty industries to search through, you’ll always have the perfect metric for your client, whether they work in Construction or Digital Media.

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