Forecasting & reporting for every industry

We have taken the time to create sample reports for every industry. Want to know the top financial and non-financial KPIs you should be measuring with your clients? (read more)

Set your Chart of Accounts up to get the most from it

Managing a Chart of accounts so that it is not too simple and not too chaotic that your clients aren’t overwhelmed by what they are looking at, is key to getting under the hood of their business. (read more).

Supporting you from the moment you become a Partner

All of the industries below have sample organisation data and a sample Board available for your immediate use when you become a Partner. From the moment you register, you save time and raise the bar by being gifted a raft of sample Boards which can be examined, duplicated, copied, and of course, used with your own clients. There’s no better way to enable you than by providing you with rich data and a supporting KPI library.

Recruitment example