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CrunchBoards saves a Craft Brewery’s Financial Director 90% of his time every single month

Jim Shirley, FD of Fourpure, a Craft brewery, welcomes us for a Brewery tour and to share on camera why he loves CrunchBoards. The video case study is a tribute to the operation Fourpure is running. Check out this quick interview to learn how CrunchBoards is helping the business plan and manage growth.

Daily KPI monitoring & monthly targets focuses La Fourchette on maximising performance

From 8am, the doors swing open at La Fourchette, a modern cafe, restaurant and shop based in New Zealand. It starts the day serving up customers freshly baked pastries, breads, pâtisseries and coffee. The menu is French-inspired and customers come from far and wide for lazy lunches or private functions. CrunchBoards delivers fresh daily financials to the business which has two sites in total and is owned and run by a husband and wife team.

CrunchBoards helps digital agency Komodo focus on growth

Newcastle based web and mobile development studio Komodo Digital has come a long way in thirteen years. Founded and led by MD Andy Greener, it now has top tier clients on its books including ITV and Northumbria Police amongst many others. Greener has always excelled at identifying and timing opportunities. Serious growth came when he spotted the booming mobile market early and rapidly reconfigured Komodo as a specialist to supply the demand.

CrunchBoards triples Bar Group’s profits in first 12 months

Mojo Bar Group based in the North of England has been delivering music for the people and food for the soul for 20 years. “We’ve developed a great reputation with our clients, on the weekends there are queues around the block to get in and have fun. I would have queued around a block for CrunchBoards, it has totally transformed our business and it’s fun.” said Martin Greenhow, the owner.

Combination of financial data and non-financial metrics equals profits for The Profitable Firm

Launched in 2012, The Profitable Firm have a long list of accounting clients all over the globe, and they help these accountants simplify their marketing by actually getting digital marketing done.

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