Running your practice in the past

You're lost in manual process and spreadsheets when trying to advise your clients


The practice of the today

Automatic client monitoring, effortless collaboration with EVERY client, additional revenue for your firm, and it's FAST

It's not just about software Partner with us now

Become an advisor without hours of training or consultancy fees

Most accountants focus on the past even though clients care about two things – the future and cash flow.

This is the past Details

Mac spreadsheetYou’re lost in multiple desktop apps or spreadsheets.
Everything is manual so it’s impossible to support your client with relevant, up-to-date information about their business at a price point that they can afford.
Your practice only supports a handful of clients with cash flow or management accountants.

This is the future Details

Restaurant exampleCrunchBoards automatically monitors all your clients and alerts you to success or warning areas.
Every partner, CA, even graduates, are informed and given the key talking points to address with clients.
You can ‘turn on’ advisory services for every client effortlessly. Why? Because it represents untapped revenue in your business.
We’ll get you going in hours thanks to time-savers like templates. The fact it’s all in one speeds things up too

You’re our partner, not our reseller

CrunchBoards is designed to help you develop your business as well as your clients’. We are not asking you to re-sell our software, it will help you to transform the services you can provide to your clients.

Step 1: We’ll help you choose a partner programme

Our team are on-hand to help answer your questions and share what’s working for our partners. They help you get started

Step 2: Training begins

We have different options for different needs but it’s all light-touch and simplified. We’ll hold you hand at the start but you’ll be waving us off in no time. In the first session you’ll design reports for clients and we help you share them

Step 3: Getting the best out of CrunchBoards

We don’t leave you in the dark, from touching base with your Regional Manager to joining advisory workshops, there’s lots on offer to make sure you and, importantly, your clients, are happy

What our partners say...

BDO New Zealand

"Fantastic product – so much so we have convinced all of BDO in NZ to adopt it! Seriously. For us, it’s about harnessing the conversation opportunity with our clients. This is exactly what CrunchBoards allows you to do. With the live updates from Xero, you are dealing with live data, not static dashboards."


"I have secured new clients by demo-ing CrunchBoards. One specifically based on the forecasting and budgeting capabilities. So, as well as giving current clients a great service, it's helping me grow my own business"

Virtual CFO

"This now forms part of our core-offering to clients alongside Xero. I think I can still hear clients mouths hitting the ground the first time they see it and we are able to keep an eye on what’s going on and jump in when needed as a massive value add"

DW & Associates 

'We have introduced our clients to the awesome super charged mix of Xero and CrunchBoards and it has elevated our service offering to another level. We are so happy. It's what we have been waiting for, for the past 3-4 years!"

Meades & Co

"CrunchBoards is going to be (if it isn't already) a phenomenon in the accounting industry! It's as simple as that. I'm describing it to colleagues and clients as "live management information and accounts" because that is something they understand i.e. the analysis of a businesses performance by metrics way beyond P&L and Balance Sheet reports."

Claire Owen-Jones

"Being able to instantly provide my clients with a solution to their problem has resulted in a 100% sign up rate so far. It really is the easiest upgrade/additional service to sell. I love it."