CrunchBoards is all-in-one forecasting & reporting for your business

Live business plans, 3-way cashflows, performance tracking and KPI analysis! Collaborate with your team, and grow your business today

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How businesses are using CrunchBoards for success


A fast growing brewery manages today and predicts the future with CrunchBoards


A tech company lists on the Stock Exchange and operates 3 international offices using CrunchBoards


An accounting firm increases their client fees by 84% with CrunchBoards

An all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business

Big-business planning, budgeting, forecasting and real-time business intelligence for small to medium businesses, at a fraction of the cost.

Business Planning & Forecasting

Every business should do it, but it’s not easy.
CrunchBoards makes planning and forecasting for new business or business growth easy, and something that you’ll enjoy using every day to make better decisions.

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Real-time reporting

CrunchBoards automatically pulls in the data from your accounts package. But we don't stop there. You can analyse your non-financial data too, to get the clear picture of where you are and most importantly, where you are going.

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Imagine being told about successes or things you should be worrying about in the future, now.
Our Alerts can look into the future for you, or monitor current data or KPIs.
So sleep easy, we're looking after you!

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“We're a 20 year old business, a 3-site bar group, in the North of England. We've been using CrunchBoards for over 12 months and I now couldn't run my business without it. It has helped us triple our profits in that time frame and made it look easy.” Martin Greenhow - Mojo Bar

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Here's what some of them have to say:

"CrunchBoards is everything we have been waiting for and more. From seamless real time syncing with Xero, to easy design and replication of reports, flexibility of data analysis and KPIs, good looking output, time defying Scenario preparation to help us see the future in seconds, and so much more!"

"Definitely my favourite so far as budgeting and cashflow forecasting is concerned. Takes those 50 tab spreadsheets and turns them into intelligent forecasting."

"We are so happy with this product, it's what we have been waiting for, for the past 3-4 years! Hats off to the CrunchBoards team for creating and maintaining such a wonderful solution - you guys rock!!"

"We have been using CrunchBoards for more than a year and really value being able to quickly explore key financial performance metrics and compare performance against plan and previous years."

"I have secured new clients by demo-ing CrunchBoards. One specifically based on the forecasting and budgeting capabilities. So, as well as giving current clients a great service, it's helping me grow my own business."

"I am LOVING the product - I am able to achieve stuff simply that I have been working on for years THANK YOU"

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